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Cathy Kleinhans


Cathy Kleinhans brings to the foundation a wealth of volunteer experiences, expertise in communications and marketing with a B.A. in communications from the Caribbean Institute of Mass Communications (CARIMAC), University of the West Indies, an M.A. in communication arts majoring in television production from New York Institute of Technology and an M.A. in education from Pace University, New York. She worked for 5 years at a cable network, Lifetime Television in Post-production Network Operations. A vibrant and exciting person, she has a sincere love and passion for helping the children of Jamaica and all things Jamaican!


Cathy Kleinhans recently relocated from New York where she had volunteered with Jampact NY for almost five years.  Cathy co-chaired for the Membership Committee in 2003 and the Education Committee in 2004-2005.  During that time she assisted with setting up new programs and community outreach including a trip to the Calabash International Festival and visitations to the adopted basic schools in Jamaica.  She also assisted with planning an Education Conference, Transforming The Jamaican Education Sector: Making Reform A Reality with speaker Pedro Antonio Noguera, PhD, Director, Metro Center for Research on Urban Schools and Globalization.  As part of the Education Committed she conducted a feasibility study on the existing Jampact adopted basic schools in Jamaica which lead to the Education Vision.


She recently launched her own Caribbean Communications Consultant company, JAMROPPO.







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