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David Wedderburn

David is a Computer Operations Manager in the Technology field.  He is a regular volunteer with the community service outreach in his church and is a contributor to the youth programs.

He really believes that, if given the opportunity, one should endeavor to give back in some way to their communities. Community does not necessarily mean the neighborhood in which you were born or raised. It is wherever you are resident at the time. We know the struggles and hardships that we faced in various ways as we were coming up. If we could smooth the path, or make it a little easier by making available, resources or avenues to people in order to help them their goals, then we will be pointing them in a positive direction. Not everyone can provide extravagant accommodations to all, but even if we can somehow share our experiences; provide guidance and encouragement, this also would be groundwork for success. It is always a positive and encouraging thing to be able to identify with someone who has been where you are and is now back there with you to lend a hand. This in itís own way can sometimes provide the impetus for one to work harder to attain their goals and in the end, that is all we can hope for.


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